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IMG_0735 Pete Ghost Hunting with prestige paranormal the ghost hunt event specialists

Pete here, and Im a team member to Prestige Paranormal. Im responsible for making sure that everyone is alright, the setting up of equipment and refreshments and also am a helping hand to any of the vigils thats needed on the night. I was a complete sceptic, but since coming with Prestige originally as a guest back at the first ghost hunt at Leicester Guildhall, it has had me hook line and sinker and its never stopped since. My favorite place has to be Margam Castle, we were absolutly spoilt there on the night. From the word go, even the setting up of equipment I had footsteps behind me and I was alone. Right till all the way to the end when the k2 meters were answering in response to questions being asked. I love the way that Prestige Paranormal runs. It's very organised, and structured, so you wont get bored of the same experiment throughout the night. Plus they have a specialised equipment vigil that lasts for an hour or more, which I love because as a sceptic, even these scientific items can prove me wrong and has eventually changed my views on the unknown.

Gemma Roper our ghost hunts team host who does the equipment vigils

My name's Gemma and I am one of the hosts for Prestige Paranormal. I have been involved with ghost hunting since 2009. What interests me the most is not just the paranormal side of the events, but the history of the locations. I absolutely love being pushed to the limit and I have been on numerous occasions, particulary at Bolling Hall where I got shoved in the back by a male nasty entity. And at Fort Horsted in Kent, the dowsing rods and pendulums swinging like that by the Demon? That certainly wasnt slight of hand movement I can assure you. Being one of the hosts at Prestige Paranormal is both challenging and exciting. But, eager to put myself in. I relish the thought of meeting and helping new people from around the country and making sure they feel welcome, and hoping that you also might enjoy the rugged history of some of the most beautiful and well maintained buildings the u.k has to offer.

ghost hunter gary team member

Im Gary and I am the Photographer and videographer for Prestige Paranormal. On Private events I record your night, be it a hen night or birthday party and will compose your customised dvd for you as a momento.
I also take a look at pictures and examine them and will let the team know if what you have captured is dust, long light exposures, parodolia, or it is the unknown.
I also help on on some of the nights out too, making sure the guests are ok.

Im Rachel and I am one of the Mediums for Prestige
I was a senior carer to Sam when she was carer for 4 years and we shared the love for the paranormal. Ive always known I was sensitive, and have developed it since 2012 at the local spiritualist church and since helped out wth the ghost hunting vigils. I love anything to do with the forces, places like Kelvedon Hatch Underground Bunker I was in my element. And also nursing places, such as Newsham Park Asylum and Sanitorium in Liverpool, again a favorite of mine.


My name is Martyn, and one of the helpers for Prestige. I am a manager of the East Midlands Sports Academy, and also Football development centre manager at Nottingham Forest. Although I spend a lot of time in the sports industry, I always have time to help out the guys at Prestige as the paranormal is also my passion. I have many favourite places ive been to with my time with Prestige, each one is different and even the same places ive been to before, I go in with an open mind as you nnever know what is going to happen. Its the right people, the right place and the right time is what make things happen, so I always encourage everyone to join in and make them feel comfortable.

We are Dave and Mike and are brothers that are into the paranormal. We often go round ruins, and other haunted hotspots and take photos. We help Prestige from time to time in the North of the country. We come to Newsham Park and also Edinburgh Vaults and the odd one down South and were needed if anyone needs to go back to the base room if they get too spooked. Were also sensitive to spirit and often know when someone is around and the energy is building up.

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