Prestige Paranormal are a well established ghost hunting company that travel the length and breadth of the U.K. and have done for 4 years now. Our team are not only extremely professional, but also experts in their field and maybe more importantly, all are approachable and never forget - its your ghost hunt. We pride ourselves on being a ghost hunting company that is not only owned, but run by a fantastic team that love their job. Due to our unique format of our events, we have a large percentage of guests that come time and time again. So why not choose Prestige Paranormal for your next overnight ghost hunt.....

loyalty card Ghost Hunt Prestige Paranormal Events

We at Prestige Paranormal believe that loyalty deserves rewarding. So unlike some complicated bonus points schemes , ours at Prestige is very simple. Your reward card is stamped by a team member each time you return and when full, can be redeemed against a future ghost hunt (terms and conditions apply).

Pay direct online using our secure server or via paypal account. You can also phone one of our team, and we will be more than happy to process your order.

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Office Hours 9.30 am-7.30 pm Mon- Fri. 08432 892392

Office Hours 9.30 am-2.30 pm on Sat / 12 pm-5 pm Sun 08432 892392

Mobile 9.30 am -9.30 pm 7 days a week 07920 133707

If we are not available during event times, please leave a message on mobile.

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" Having attended numerous ghost hunts with you guys, we can honestly say we wouldn't look to join another group. We have travelled countless miles and had some fantastic, if not frightening moments, and look forward to many more. Thank you to team Prestige for being professional and approachable people. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone considering going on a ghost hunt".

Harry and Michael


"Fantastic and spooky locations with a genuine and knowledgable team. We look forward to our ghost hunting and ghost hunt sleepovers, and enjoy travelling and meeting up with Sam, Andy and the rest of the team".

Baz Jackie Jasmin and Graeme.

"Joined you on our first ghost hunting event at Newsham Park. Was made to feel welcome and encouraged to join in. We are well and truely hooked, and look forward to seeing you all again very soon''.

Jason and Amanda


Ghost Hunts With Prestige Paranormal

Testimonials From Ghost Hunting Guests

boo buddy bear the great ghost hunting tool

Dave and Mike get Boo Buddy!

Dave and Mike, team members, have brought the new interactive bear which picks up emf, touch, and temperate change. It worked really well at Stanley Palace's ghost hunt with it being touched and saying ''ooh that tickles''. Click boo buddy's picture for more information. Be sure to catch boo and his owners at some of our ghost hunts.

night vision googles used for ghost hunting in the UK

Night Vision Thermal Goggles.

We have acquired two night vision thermal goggles. They have the usual standard night vision, however, a simple flick of the switch it changes to thermal imaging. So if you see a figure which is blue and has no heat source, its not human!

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Prestige Paranormal : UK Professional ghost hunting events - Start hunting ghosts in the UK with Prestige Paranormal Ghost hunts. Our public and private ghost hunting events bring you closer to the paranormal. From Kent, Essex, Yorkshire, Sussex, Gloucestershire, London, Wales, and across the UK our professional ghost hunting events bring you closer to the paranormal.

Popular Ghost Hunts

The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire is reputedly the most haunted place in the UK. Paranormal ghost hunts here always go down well. Margam Castle is one of the creepiest Haunted Castles in Wales and people come here time and time again to experience the unknown. Guys Cliffe House and Caves in Warwickshire is always a firm favourite, as it is said to be frequented by the most wickedest man in the world Aleister Crowley, and we have had a run in with him a time or two. Stanley Palace paranormal hunt in Cheshire is popular because of the higher chance of seeing an apparition. As apparitions are rare, we have come accross three in this highly active building. The Galleries of Justice in Nottinghamshire is a popular location as the place has been visited by ghost hunt TV companies.

Sleepover Overnight Ghost Hunts

Prestige Paranormal love our sleepover ghost hunts and we have two here that are unique.

Harwich Redoubt Fort - The Campout : We have visited here before on numerous locations and our sleepover event last May was a great success. Camping out in the grass moat is optional, you can just do the event only option. Last time we was visited by a ghostly soldier whose footsteps were heard whilst we was trying to sleep. If the weather is bad, we can also set up inside. We will be returning back here for a sleepover next year.

Essex Regiment Museum - New to prestige, This Halloween night event is a must see. We sleep in the museum itself after the ghost hunt has ended. Again, the sleepover is optional. Ghostly soldiers and children are heard and poltergeist activity has been witnessed.

New to Prestige - Ghost Tours

Prestige Paranormal are visiting locations that are new to them this year. We have our old favourites which are popular, our sleepovers, and now have new places to ghost tour in. Tolhouse Jail is associated with Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General and some of the witches have been incarcerated here. Ely old Gaol goes back to the 1400's and has the remains of a Roman soldier in a stone coffin. Northampton Guildhall was a courtroom and prison back in its day. Knottingley Town Hall was built on a monks priory and has been known to totally terrorise the guests. Montgomery Town Hall is famous for shadow figures, and Cosmeston village ghost tours has original buildings unearthed from the 1300's.

Harwich Redoubt Fort ghost hunt in essex sleepover overnight events Essex regiment ghost hunt halloween sleepover ghost tour Ancienr Ram inn Ghost Hunt Gloucestershire Wales Haunted ghost tour. Northampton Guildhall prison ghost hunts, ghost tours, Essex, Cambridgeshire.

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